Monthly Archive: September, 2011

Beauty in small places / Studio Practices 1A

The art of telling a story! The art of finding a story wherever you go. The art of making small daily tinny little things that get overseen, ignored or even unrecognised, feel powerful… Continue reading

Beauty in the eye of the beholder.

In the midst of all this running from class to class, grasping all this new information, keeping up with our learning journals and still dealing with life’s little dramas I come across this… Continue reading

Grey cards

Following the session on light exposures, we had a lecture on the use of 18% grey cards to find the perfect exposure to a whole scene, maintaining the perfect balance (in reason) of… Continue reading


Learning to work exposure and aperture manually in our cameras. It was quite a discovery for me and I really enjoyed it. It took a while to understand some concepts, and some are… Continue reading

Studio Practices 1A continuation of post Wed, 23-Sep-2011 (Personal Portfolio 1 – Brainstorming)

This is the creation of a 15 weeks project. A Portfolio for Studio Practices. Something that inspired me, but also an opportunity to present my own views of the world. From the Lecture… Continue reading


Traveling through Photoshop and learning how to make the most of this incredible tool, we start taking our first steps. Initially we learnt about the original size of our chosen image and issued… Continue reading

Studio Practices 1A

Brief: Following from the lecture on Wed, 21-Sep-2011, the task required me to demonstrate a creative approach to exploration and investigation. I was to choose a non-photographic image from the library as inspiration… Continue reading

Saltaire – going for a walk

Saltaire is a unique beautiful place. Full of history, memories and memorials, glamour; wild life, architecture, people, food… You can hardly imagine that in such a small piece of land, so much can… Continue reading

Final Edition – Abstract Reflections

This was my first photo shoot with a purpose and a need, other than shooting for my own delight. Induction week brought a full range of new views, ideas, curiosity, anticipation among other… Continue reading

Damien Hirst Project

Wednesday 14Sep-2011 Our Assignment to visit the Leeds Art Gallery, get inspiration on a Damien Hirst exhibition and do an abstract photo shoot in Leeds on whatever subject one chose, as long as it fit… Continue reading

Hello world!

So here we are!!! It’s officially the first day of HE Photography. Full of emotions and anticipation. I have had a taste of things to come in the Faster Than the Speed of Light… Continue reading