Monthly Archive: March, 2012

“Small” – Studio Practice Proposal Complete

Small Funny, curious, swift, cautious and careless, quiet and loud… There is so much to be said of the small life adapting itself to the urban and human territory. The wet nose and… Continue reading

Levels and Curves, Feathers and Masks

Last Wednesday a group of Students and Staff had the great opportunity to visit the 2012 Focus on Imaging in Birmingham. Among many showcases of technology and tools available to assist and perfect… Continue reading

Working with Monotones (part a)

This was a technical development class. Looking into how a photograph can be manipulated and enhancement through first editing the images mode to grey-scale, adjusting the levels and curves to better highlight the… Continue reading

Working with Monotones (part b)

Following from the technical illustrations and initial practices I worked on a single image unveiling its several interpretations through the different tones used. Step by step: Original image – adjust mode to grey… Continue reading