Monthly Archive: November, 2012

Historic Parks – Bradford District – Final Presentation

Clock Presentation Development The final body of work is on the process of being completed. I am still pursuing the concept of creating a clock as a final presentation work, showcasing the 10… Continue reading

Lighting on Location – Work Sheet 6

On the 22nd of October we worked in small groups and we headed to the Old Building in Bradford College to work on a body of work, exploring different lighting conditions, sources and… Continue reading

Conceptualize an Object on Location

Conceptualize an Object on Location As a class we are to shoot an object of our choice in Ilkley, West Yorkshire on Thursday the 25th of November; preferably linking this work to our… Continue reading

Speedlight Challenge

In class today in groups we explored the wireless flash slave function from Canon 650D. In each group we had a Canon 650D, two 430 Canon speed lights and we could use a… Continue reading

Perfect Skin and Final Work – Worksheet 3

Following from our training sessions, inspired by Joel Grimes’ work, I revisited and progressed on the skin perfection techniques, I had to revisit my work and decided to re-do some of the steps.… Continue reading