Historic Parks – Bradford District – Final Presentation

Clock Presentation Development

The final body of work is on the process of being completed. I am still pursuing the concept of creating a clock as a final presentation work, showcasing the 10 English Heritage Parks in Bradford. I have already photographed all the venues and now linking them into one big masterpiece. The drafts on the Clock face options so far are showcased bellow. Version 3 is my favourite so far; the photos link well with each other and the colours are well balanced giving a good idea of History and the times. The older photos, the transition to modern days and the view of today’s current reality. I am however, aiming to re-shoot the Lister Park gate shot and the Undercliffe Cemetery bottom shot, as a twilight background for these shots will add incredible significance, specially as these are also placed where numbers 12 and 6 would be located on a clock face.

Susanne Silveira
Studio Practices 2-A
Photography BA Hons – Year 2
Bradford College 2012/13