Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Silhouette – Digital (using Canon 60D)

  Susanne Silveira Studio Practices 2-B / Photography BA Hons – Year 2 / Bradford College 2012-13

Silhouette on Medium Format

Working with a my medium format Camera, this is my first test shoot, looking into the landscape in a square format.   Susanne Silveira Studio Practice 2-B / Photography BA Hons – Year… Continue reading

Wired Life

  We live in a modern world. All is linked to some sort of power as a supply… There was a time where mechanical items were glorious! In fact, it was from those mechanical… Continue reading

A first view on Silhouette

My first view on the Silhouette project and the grand scale of the land transformation to accommodate mankind. (Panoramic stitching techniques need improving.) Susanne Silveira Silhouette – Studio Practice 2-B / Photography BA… Continue reading

Food – Glorious Food

FOOD… GLORIOUS FOOD (Techniques and Processes 2-B Project proposal draft 1) If I am talking about my photography in a main genre aspect, I know I want to develop throughout the years, into… Continue reading

Silhouette – Studio Practice 2B (draft 2)

Silhouette Draft 2 I propose, in this project to develop a body of work that interprets Nature’s ongoing transformations, related to Man’s interfering and such impact on the Land. In Stephen Bull’s book… Continue reading

Targeting myself – Studio Practice 2-B

Targeting myself   1 word: ‘Memories’   10 words: ‘To record life: the outside world, people and its spheres’.   In 100 words: Second edition / Final Statement: As a Landscape photographer I… Continue reading

Pinhole Creation

The second semester for Photography BA Hons Year 2, at Bradford College has started. The first lessons have been exploring the usage, techniques and advantages of conventional (and even outdated technology)  photography versus the digital era.… Continue reading