Monthly Archive: January, 2015

Bradford’s Spaces

Bradford’s Spaces   Having completed the first semester with a great focus on the technical aspects to produce my final body of work for this project, I now start to further the exploration… Continue reading

Final Remarks – Studio Practices 3A

Final Remarks – Studio Practices 3A   I can honestly say this first semester in the third year of my Photography degree has been incredibly valuable and enriching. I learnt more techniques and… Continue reading

Back to the Beginning II

Back to the Beginning II   Still in Germany, now at the second property, which is also refurbished property, retaining character and history, as well as modern amenities that are part of current… Continue reading

Back to the Beginning I

Back to the Beginning I   Everything started in Germany, or there abouts, when my fore fathers were forced out of their worlds. We have been a family of travellers ever since. Some… Continue reading

Candy Hero Photography Project

Candy Hero Photography Project   Candy Hero is a sweets store! A fun, funky, innovative & young sweets store, which we had the privilege to work for a day. Candy Hero needed a… Continue reading

Project Stage II

Project Stage II New lenses   It was clear to me that if I truly wanted to perfect my photography skills I would need to learn how to use and make the most… Continue reading


Ringflash!   Third year of photography is about getting you ready for that all important photographic career and studio is a very important aspect of photography. There are many studio based and specialised… Continue reading


Flash   The use of flash can be crucial in some photographs. Be it either producing sufficient light for correct exposure, of to fill in light on a dark area on the photograph.… Continue reading

Health & Safety

Health and Safety   This has been an area I have always kept in mind and cared for, however I am not so critical to register my actions. Thinking in a day to… Continue reading

Camera Equipment

Camera Equipment   This essay incorporates: Outcome 3: awareness of the requirements for problem solving and decision making within both routine and non-routine contexts Outcome 4: The documentation and planning and preparation of… Continue reading

Colour Correction

Colour Correction   Thinking back to the Shipley Market evening shoot, the 21 Store and Gregg’s shoots, although I know the equipment wasn’t the best, I knew I could improve on the colour… Continue reading

Photographing Spaces

Photographing Spaces   The proposal for this year of study is, in large, to capture the essence of how we as decision makers, choose to use, decorate and utilize our spaces; be it… Continue reading


Lightroom   I had tried to interact with Lightroom when in the first photo BA year of this academic studies, however didn’t really understand it. I had gotten so used to using Photoshop… Continue reading