House upon a Hill (re-visit)

The first shoot has certainly been a successful one and I have learnt from photos and techniques to improve on.

I wanted to come back and re-check the alignment of the tripod when I took the picture facing the fireplace on the first shoot, as on the first shoot the image seemed to be of balance despite me using the spirit level cube. Upon experimenting various positions a couple of things became clearer. First the wall of the fire place is narrowed on the bottom and thickens when reaching for the celling. Secondly because the celling is so high when I raised the tripod to reach almost half the height of the wall’s dimension the image produced was far more pleasing to the eye and better read.

I have taken careful consideration to make 2 exposures again and turn off the lamp shades and light bulbs where necessary to be able to cut out the window spaces using the pen tool to reduce glare and reflection. I was able to get rid of all of them but one. I also used the clone tool for the centre piece to ‘erase’ / mask off the reflection of the TV in the glassed centre table.

My second intention was to re-shoot the image with the ‘L O VE’ letters on the window sill, but night time had fallen and I was unable to get the nice twilight lights contrasted with the city lights across the hill and this was my lst opportunity to photograph this house in time for the project hand-in.

Lastly I considered some other key features or snugly corners of the room, however falling to notice the one I exposed correctly was not pin sharp. Here is the final result:


I am certainly very pleased with the living room image, combing both exposures and working on reflection wherever possible. This has been an image selected for my final body of work.

I have one last residence to visit and will be bringing the project together and deciding on the final selection of the body of work.

Susanne Silveira
Studio Practices 3B
Photography BA Hons – Year 3
Bradford College