New Beginnings

My photographic project for this end of year development is greatly about the secret of spaces and the importance and features each place has. It is the comparison of personal and private spaces and the similarities of the wide open spaces.

This last house was a very special house to photograph as well. In life, each stage we as people face different seasons at different moments in time. It is glorious when ones hard work and investment finally comes together and the dream comes true. This is the case with this last house, a new property, where a new life is coming to be and where the preparations are all taken place at the same time, extending the comfortable and peaceful celebration of life and home life. This spring time will be a season of full harvest.

For the production of this body of work I worked the continued on the success of recent shoots of always working with two camera bodies at the same type, instead of changing lens, I have a zoom lens and a wide angle in each camera body and was able to switch easily between either options according to preferences. Always using the spirit level cube with the wide angle lens on the Canon 60D and the zoom lens on the Canon 6D.

I have made what has turned to be my trade adjustments in Lightroom’s basic settings as well working with mask brushes and gradient filters when necessary. The description and techniques of the final images that I have printed off at 12×8 inches are in the physical learning journal with details of each image’s post processing. Online I showcase the best 10, when coming to print I have re-edited to the best 5.

Susanne Silveira
Studio Practices 3B
Photography BA Hons – Y3
Bradford College