2nd Year – Photography BA Hons at Bradford College


My name is Susanne Silveira and this is my learning journal wordpress blog.

I am a second year Photography BA Hons student at Bradford College, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

The area that I would like to focus on growing into to more and more in my professional photographic career is Landscape Photography and all its variables. Landscape scenes in itself, the wide variety in the Natural world and wildlife. I also want to keep an open mind for creative conceptual work, alongside.Creativity is something I value and like to give room to.

The focus on Landscape comes from a passion to Nature and the flow of energy present, an interest in observing change and being able to communicate a sense of value and encourage people’s respect, appreciation and care for the Natural world. I cannot say I have managed to extract all this essence from within into my photography yet; but I am more confident I am maturing into it more and more.

I am proud and pleased to be working with a Canon 60D at the moment. (A great improvement from a Canon 350, a great friend let me have, while the road was rougher financially.) Occasionally I also use a Canon 400, supplied from College for punctual tasks.

Any enquiries please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Susanne Silveira