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The Secret of Spaces

The Secret of Spaces   ‘Throughout history, cities, towns and villages have been places where people have come together to live, socialise and exchange goods and ideas. In doing so, they have contributed… Continue reading

New Beginnings

My photographic project for this end of year development is greatly about the secret of spaces and the importance and features each place has. It is the comparison of personal and private spaces… Continue reading

House upon a Hill (re-visit)

The first shoot has certainly been a successful one and I have learnt from photos and techniques to improve on. I wanted to come back and re-check the alignment of the tripod when… Continue reading

Your Home – Your Paradise (revisit)

Upon re-evaluating the photos on the first shoot in this property I wanted to come back and re-shoot the wooden conservatory of the house that connects the outdoors and the indoors so beautifully.… Continue reading


As an explorer Liverpool was one of the greatest cities to get to know. In fact Liverpool is actually one of the most important cities in the world. From a port that connected… Continue reading


  On the way from Birmingham to Liverpool I have stayed overnight in a small coastal city and decided to explore it before heading to Liverpool. Prestatyn is in North Wales facing the… Continue reading

Birmingham’s Library

Birmingham’s library is an incredibly architectural built by Francine Houben who designed the library as a people’s palace. This public space is a unique space altogether. It is completely new and with all… Continue reading


Considering the huge range of prominent public spaces available and the sheer range of public spaces options, from the charming quiet trail in the woods to architectures and buildings that defy time, stand throughout… Continue reading

Public Spaces in Bradford area

Public Spaces are part of a city’s design and sometimes so well integrated it is not noticed. It’s importance is paramount as it enables access, provides an avenue for commuting, for physical and… Continue reading

Public Spaces – Power & History

For the development of my final body of work project, the residential aspect spoke closer to my heart; finding it easier to portray the concept of the personal and historical value; the attachment and… Continue reading

Once upon a time – the house on top of the hill

The lifelong dream was a house upon the hill with views over the valley. A dream come true. After 11 years and counting the house is like a patch of heaven for this… Continue reading

Young love home

In a royal neighbourhood full of history and charm I was delighted to be allowed in this home and capture what I can only describe as a young true love’s home. The family is… Continue reading

Video of Final Body of work Proposal


Project Development – it’s personal

The secret of Spaces The project is about exploring the use of spaces and the choices made for each space. The project has originated from my personal travellings and moves, therefore a piece… Continue reading

Further techniques/ smoothing skin

Following from a technique demonstrated in class I have trialed its features in an image of my own. People techniques are not my strongest suit, it is always an area of development and… Continue reading

Pen tool

Exploring further the use of the pen tool technique.   Following on from the technique explored in class, I have revisited the task and taken another step forward trying to incorporate the cutout… Continue reading

Your home, your paradise

This shoot was another special body of work. The care and the connection between nature and home are encouraging and praise worthy. This is the home of a very special person who is… Continue reading

Limburg Spaces – Germany

Having a German background, despite having lived most of my life in Brazil has built up for a significant momentum when I first visited Germany in 1992. Everything was indeed pretty magical in… Continue reading

Final Remarks – Studio Practices 3A

Final Remarks – Studio Practices 3A   I can honestly say this first semester in the third year of my Photography degree has been incredibly valuable and enriching. I learnt more techniques and… Continue reading

Back to the Beginning II

Back to the Beginning II   Still in Germany, now at the second property, which is also refurbished property, retaining character and history, as well as modern amenities that are part of current… Continue reading