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Romanticising Landscape – Interim/Final Photographs

Following the development of the Studio Practices Project and happy with the landscapes photography so far I share some of the development and possibly part of the final work already.

Interim Critical Report

Studio Practices 1A Project: Romanticising Landscapes. Photography BA – Y1 Susanne Silveira If anything I love to raise my eyes to the horizon and see life. Remember that despite human agendas, troubles, fights,… Continue reading

Romanticizing Landscapes – Proposal review 1

Romanticizing Landscapes   There are beautiful landscapes wherever we go; either urban views, or country views, the sky, the fields, the woods, your back garden or your train station. People can be so… Continue reading

Studio Practices Test Proposal

As per earlier post on the development on the Photographic project for Studio Practices, I have considered doing a close up of portraitures of people from all ages and backgrounds in their own… Continue reading

Title of the Proposal for Studio Practice’s Portfolio.

Romanticisng Landscapes – Studio Practices Photo Proposal

Romanticizing Landscapes There are beautiful landscapes wherever we go. Either urban views, or country views, or views that take you somewhere else.   I intend to capture various landscape views throughout the places… Continue reading

Beauty in small places / Studio Practices 1A

The art of telling a story! The art of finding a story wherever you go. The art of making small daily tinny little things that get overseen, ignored or even unrecognised, feel powerful… Continue reading

Studio Practices 1A continuation of post Wed, 23-Sep-2011 (Personal Portfolio 1 – Brainstorming)

This is the creation of a 15 weeks project. A Portfolio for Studio Practices. Something that inspired me, but also an opportunity to present my own views of the world. From the Lecture… Continue reading

Studio Practices 1A

Brief: Following from the lecture on Wed, 21-Sep-2011, the task required me to demonstrate a creative approach to exploration and investigation. I was to choose a non-photographic image from the library as inspiration… Continue reading