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“Small” – Studio Practice Proposal Complete

Small Funny, curious, swift, cautious and careless, quiet and loud… There is so much to be said of the small life adapting itself to the urban and human territory. The wet nose and… Continue reading

The 4 Elements

Once the ideas and shots started to bloom, each inspiration encouraged a new path. Instead of using an establishing shot and some supporting shots, for this work I chose a deliberate montage. Four… Continue reading

Galaxy – Group composition

The inspiration and work of this body of work has been transformed into a single image and is available for purchase.

Galaxy – Life Cycle

Following from some feedback and input from Trevor Griffiths, here is a second attempt for my 5 body of work images, having a establishing shot complemented by 5 supporting images. This work has… Continue reading

Underwater Galaxy – Life & Death

Underwater Galaxy – Life & Death in Abstract Fine Art

Wild Wildlife!

There is always a way… People find a way to connect to Nature, even if adapting the environment there is the possibility to bring the wild close to home. With the support of… Continue reading

What Wildlife is around you?

Studio Practice Project – 1B

  Proposal in 10, 10 & 100 words & 5 initial photographs 1 word: Life 10 words: Treasure, balance & struggle. Fight, Survival, adapting and  Transforming. Beauty, sensibility – Indispensable. 100 words: So… Continue reading

Studio Practice 1B – Project Proposal

Nature and Wildlife have always captivated me and I thoroughly enjoy exploring these areas in my Photography. To be able to observe and learn from our natural world, its living beings, its purposes…… Continue reading

Studio Practices 1-B

2nd Semester Class notes (18/Jan/2012) Thought process for a New Project Proposal If to come up with an instant idea for a new photographic project; what are the initial ideas that come to my mind?… Continue reading