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How to charge, where’s the funding and all that jazz.

Photography Business How to charge, where’s the funding and all that jazz.   When it comes to charging, how to determine what is your commission? Should I charge by the hour, by the… Continue reading

Photography – The business

Photography – The Business     Photography being an artistic media, as a profession it tends to be a self-made profession. Very rarely fitting within a 40h/9-5 job. The hours will more often… Continue reading

Who Am I?

Who Am I? As a Photographer? As a person?   I am curious. Cambridge Dictionary describes the word ‘curious’ as ‘curious adjective (INTERESTED) – interested in learning about people or things around you:’ and ‘curious adjective (STRANGE) – strange and unusual’. Funny enough both… Continue reading

Business Card

Business card is now designed and on its way!