Photography BA Hons Y3

After a year on hold I am grateful for the ability and opportunity to resume my studies and finalize my Photography BA Hons Year 3 (level 6).

It has been another year of professional and personal growth, only preparing me further to this run, to complete my Photographic studies with ‘Honors’ indeed.

I intend to complete this degree with a reputable portfolio, focusing on spaces and interiors, building on my current knowledge as well as widening my skills set. This idea has been gradually developing following from experiences such as a photo shoot for brochure in 2013 for brochure in 2013.  Having also the opportunity to shadow a couple of photographers in their work, such as Gavin Priestly (Photo Coordinator at

This blog is in fact to showcase my development and progress during this final year. On top of that I have the website that is my online portfolio; showcasing some of my best work to date.

My starting point, is a photoshoot of one of my previous residencies; still experiencing and aware of the needed technical development, especially relating to lines and perspective, bellow you can have an example of where I start off; a starting point of reference, giving space to a better and broader photographic body of work.

Susanne Silveira
Photography BA Hons Y3