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The Secret of Spaces

The Secret of Spaces   ‘Throughout history, cities, towns and villages have been places where people have come together to live, socialise and exchange goods and ideas. In doing so, they have contributed… Continue reading

Birmingham’s Library

Birmingham’s library is an incredibly architectural built by Francine Houben who designed the library as a people’s palace. This public space is a unique space altogether. It is completely new and with all… Continue reading


Considering the huge range of prominent public spaces available and the sheer range of public spaces options, from the charming quiet trail in the woods to architectures and buildings that defy time, stand throughout… Continue reading

Public Spaces – Power & History

For the development of my final body of work project, the residential aspect spoke closer to my heart; finding it easier to portray the concept of the personal and historical value; the attachment and… Continue reading

Once upon a time – the house on top of the hill

The lifelong dream was a house upon the hill with views over the valley. A dream come true. After 11 years and counting the house is like a patch of heaven for this… Continue reading

Photographing Spaces

Photographing Spaces   The proposal for this year of study is, in large, to capture the essence of how we as decision makers, choose to use, decorate and utilize our spaces; be it… Continue reading

A first view on Silhouette

My first view on the Silhouette project and the grand scale of the land transformation to accommodate mankind. (Panoramic stitching techniques need improving.) Susanne Silveira Silhouette – Studio Practice 2-B / Photography BA… Continue reading

Historical Parks in Bradford – Final Critical Report

Historical Parks in Bradford West Yorkshire – UK Final Critical Report & Research overview My name is Susanne Silveira and I have researched and visited the ten English Heritage Parks in Bradford District… Continue reading

Historic Parks – Bradford District – Final Presentation

Clock Presentation Development The final body of work is on the process of being completed. I am still pursuing the concept of creating a clock as a final presentation work, showcasing the 10… Continue reading

Lighting on Location – Work Sheet 6

On the 22nd of October we worked in small groups and we headed to the Old Building in Bradford College to work on a body of work, exploring different lighting conditions, sources and… Continue reading