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Considering the huge range of prominent public spaces available and the sheer range of public spaces options, from the charming quiet trail in the woods to architectures and buildings that defy time, stand throughout… Continue reading


A delicious challenge! The new design and layout of the Greggs shop in Shipley is inviting and reinvigorating. It was a pleasure being able to register a busy morning of baking surrounded by the… Continue reading

Silhouette – Final Body of work

Silhouette – Final Body of work A semester of research and study into the man-made transformations of the Land in the Bradford region has now come to its conclusion. I was inspired and… Continue reading

Wired life – take 2

Following from my previous post ‘Wired Life’ where I explore the electronic world through a mechanical eye, and how we are so drawn to electricity and electronics even when there is a whole… Continue reading

Silhouette Project Proposal (Final Proposal)

Silhouette Draft 3 In this project I will start looking into the man-made transformations forced on the land around us. This issue has been addressed already by some key photographers such as Edward… Continue reading

A first view on Silhouette

My first view on the Silhouette project and the grand scale of the land transformation to accommodate mankind. (Panoramic stitching techniques need improving.) Susanne Silveira Silhouette – Studio Practice 2-B / Photography BA… Continue reading

Historical Parks in Bradford – Final Critical Report

Historical Parks in Bradford West Yorkshire – UK Final Critical Report & Research overview My name is Susanne Silveira and I have researched and visited the ten English Heritage Parks in Bradford District… Continue reading