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As an explorer Liverpool was one of the greatest cities to get to know. In fact Liverpool is actually one of the most important cities in the world. From a port that connected… Continue reading

Birmingham’s Library

Birmingham’s library is an incredibly architectural built by Francine Houben who designed the library as a people’s palace. This public space is a unique space altogether. It is completely new and with all… Continue reading

Young love home

In a royal neighbourhood full of history and charm I was delighted to be allowed in this home and capture what I can only describe as a young true love’s home. The family is… Continue reading

Project Development – it’s personal

The secret of Spaces The project is about exploring the use of spaces and the choices made for each space. The project has originated from my personal travellings and moves, therefore a piece… Continue reading

Pen tool

Exploring further the use of the pen tool technique.   Following on from the technique explored in class, I have revisited the task and taken another step forward trying to incorporate the cutout… Continue reading

Your home, your paradise

This shoot was another special body of work. The care and the connection between nature and home are encouraging and praise worthy. This is the home of a very special person who is… Continue reading

3 – Goals, Moves & Debates

I am now in the final stage of my Uni work, pondering on my next steps and career ventures in the coming 12 months. Focusing on my work and the my strong trades… Continue reading

Limburg Spaces – Germany

Having a German background, despite having lived most of my life in Brazil has built up for a significant momentum when I first visited Germany in 1992. Everything was indeed pretty magical in… Continue reading


Ringflash!   Third year of photography is about getting you ready for that all important photographic career and studio is a very important aspect of photography. There are many studio based and specialised… Continue reading


Lightroom   I had tried to interact with Lightroom when in the first photo BA year of this academic studies, however didn’t really understand it. I had gotten so used to using Photoshop… Continue reading

How to charge, where’s the funding and all that jazz.

Photography Business How to charge, where’s the funding and all that jazz.   When it comes to charging, how to determine what is your commission? Should I charge by the hour, by the… Continue reading

Photography – The business

Photography – The Business     Photography being an artistic media, as a profession it tends to be a self-made profession. Very rarely fitting within a 40h/9-5 job. The hours will more often… Continue reading

Who Am I?

Who Am I? As a Photographer? As a person?   I am curious. Cambridge Dictionary describes the word ‘curious’ as ‘curious adjective (INTERESTED) – interested in learning about people or things around you:’ and ‘curious adjective (STRANGE) – strange and unusual’. Funny enough both… Continue reading

Silhouette – Final Body of work

Silhouette – Final Body of work A semester of research and study into the man-made transformations of the Land in the Bradford region has now come to its conclusion. I was inspired and… Continue reading

Silhouette – Getting close to Final Work

Silhouette Approaching the Final body of work Approaching the end of this semester and considering more and more my project and its purpose I looked into three different exhibitions about the transformed landscapes… Continue reading

Wired life – take 2

Following from my previous post ‘Wired Life’ where I explore the electronic world through a mechanical eye, and how we are so drawn to electricity and electronics even when there is a whole… Continue reading

Silhouette – First Dipticks

  Susanne Silveira Photography BA-Year 2 / Studio Practice 2-B / Bradford College 2012-13

Silhouette on Medium Format

Working with a my medium format Camera, this is my first test shoot, looking into the landscape in a square format.   Susanne Silveira Studio Practice 2-B / Photography BA Hons – Year… Continue reading

Wired Life

  We live in a modern world. All is linked to some sort of power as a supply… There was a time where mechanical items were glorious! In fact, it was from those mechanical… Continue reading

A first view on Silhouette

My first view on the Silhouette project and the grand scale of the land transformation to accommodate mankind. (Panoramic stitching techniques need improving.) Susanne Silveira Silhouette – Studio Practice 2-B / Photography BA… Continue reading